Real Estate Information Products

ATPR offers several end-to-end products which may be integrated with its service offerings to manage comprehensive solutions to your business needs.

SmartProp® – Property Reports

SmartProp® is a robust product for uninsured searches, property reports or owner & encumbrance reports. These reports can be used for transactions like closing equity and home improvement loans, or for informational purposes. SmartProp's nationwide coverage, using a dense network of abstractors across all the states, ensures that there are no rejections. Learn more ...

SmartTrak Tax Reporting

Our proprietary SmartTrak tax reporting system acquires the most up-to-date property tax information directly from the taxing authorities for a Real Time Tax Reporting solution. It is no longer necessary to rely on outdated tax roll data, the longtime industry standard. The ATPR alternative will identify delinquencies before penalties and interest overwhelms your bottom line. Learn more ...

SmartComply – Mortgage Compliance & Audit

The online compliance management platform enables lending institutions to proactively identify and address loan-level regulatory compliance issues throughout origination, through seamless integrations with premier technology partners and support from the industry’s compliance experts.

With SmartComply, originate and purchase compliant loans every time using integrated and on-demand audits.Learn more ...

SmartLendEx – Mortgage Mobile Solution

SmartLendEx is a mobile & web based solution connecting borrower with the lenders throughout the entire mortgage origination cycle. It is a next generation solution to reduce time to close, manage compliance and improve overall customer experience. Learn more ...

SmartTitleFlow – End to End Workflow Solution

SmartTitleFlow is an Integrated End to end workflow solution for back-office title operations. It can be used by title agents or underwriters as a plug and play solution in their current environment. It offers immense convenience as the title agent does not need to invest in people, infrastructure and technology. This way the title agent can focus on their growth, leveraging our trust network to deliver.Learn more ...

SmartVal – Broker Price Opinions

SmartVal is designed to provide comprehensive valuation technology solutions for today’s Appraisal Management Companies and Mortgage Lending environment with the top class automation enabled Broker Price Opinion Reports.Learn more ...

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