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SmartProp® Property Owner Search

SmartProp® is a robust uninsured product for property searches, property reports or owner & encumbrance reports.

These reports can be used for transactions like closing equity and home improvement loans, for preparing a final commitment/ title policy, or for informational purposes.

The variety of reports are useful for Title Agents, Title Underwriters, Lenders, Servicers, Attorneys, Asset Management Companies and Government Agencies.

SmartProp's nationwide coverage, using a dense network of abstractors across all the states, ensures that there are no rejections. SmartProp also provides real time access for tracking status and managing your invoices. With SmartProp, from SLK Global, you get simplified property reports with national coverage.

What does SmartProp cover?

SmartProp is a limited search of public records that includes:

  • Current owner of the property or vesting information

  • Property conveyance from the prior owner to the current owner

  • Open mortgages

  • Judgments & Liens

  • Tax information and status

  • Legal description

SmartProp Others
Coverage Nationwide Limited/ Regional
Rejections None Possible
Billing Integrated Separate
Status Online real-time Phone/ emails

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