SmartProp® Property Reporting Products

SmartProp® is the fastest and most responsive solution for accurate property searches, full searches and other property reports. Some of the products supported by SmartProp include:

Current Owner Search Report (Property Report or Ownership and Encumbrance Report) - This report includes all deeds from prior owner to the current owners. If Current Owner conveyance from prior owner is within 24 Months from Effective date, prior deed would be provided. Pertinent pages of all open Mortgages/ Deed of Trust with associated documents and Tax information with Land Assessed & Improvement values along with copies of open judgments are also a part of the report.

Two Owner Search Report - This report involves a detailed title search on the last two owners in the chain of title of the subject property. Report details include vesting deed, current tax status, county assessment information, open mortgages, active judgments, active liens and legal description.

Full Search - Detailed search on the current and prior owners on record including conditions, covenants and restrictions, easement restrictions, any active liens and judgments, exceptions and requirements that affects the issuance of the policy

Legal and Vesting Report - Copy of last deed of record with 100% vesting information like Property address and location information, full legal description as per deed, tax status and vesting information are part of the report.

Deed and Mortgage Report - This report shows all deeds from Full value deed or X to Y transaction to current deed of record including the information of Land and Assessed value of the property.
Additionally any Open Mortgages/ Deed of Trust from the Full Value deed or X to Y transaction to current deed of record will also be a part of the report.

Mortgage & Assignment search - In this report, pertinent pages of the given subject Mortgage/ Deed of Trust are provided with last assignment copies.

Judgment/Lien Searches - Lists of active liens on the current owner of the property

Bring Down/ Update Search/ Datedown - Update run or search on the subject property from the date of last search to the latest effective date and report of all postings during this period

City Lien Search - City lien searches confirm whether or not there are any issues or liens attached to the property in question at city/ local level. Our reps email/ call/ fax the appropriate county or city officials and confirm the current status of the property. This final search is usually performed a week or two prior to closing, and gives buyers and lenders the confidence that all issues have been addressed and that they will avoid inheriting any unknown liabilities before they purchase the property.
Types of information collected:

  • Open/ Pending/ Expired Permits

  • Code Violations/ Liens

  • Utility Account Balances

Trustee Sale Guarantee Report - Special type of report for trustees disclosing the ownership interests, all encumbrances on a property in foreclosure, open judgment & liens, bankruptcy check, tax information and any other records affecting the property

REO Report - Real Estate owned report includes the prior owner to current ownership, all documents pertaining to the foreclosure, any open judgment & liens, tax information and any other records affecting the property

24 Month/ IPMM Reports - This report discloses the chain of title recorded for last 24 months from the effective date

Beneficiary Check Reports - This report discloses the information of subject deed of trust and any other associated documents like Assignment of DOT, Substitution of Trustee etc. related to deed of trust

State UCC - This report includes all the financing statements and amendments on the current owner that are recorded with the Secretary of State

County UCC - This report includes all the financing statements and amendments on the current owner that are recorded within the County recorder’s office

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