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SmartTrak Tax Certificate and Tax Solutions

ATPR’s SmartTrak ensures that your files are free of any errors and penalties. It also allows you to generate and access customized reports.

Some of the products supported by SmartTrak are:

Pre-Closing Tax Certificates - Title Companies rely on ATPR to provide timely and accurate property tax information to accelerate the loan closing process. After we receive your order via our online system or through integration with your title underwriting software, we complete the request and deliver back to your desktop an easy-to-read PDF of pre-closing tax certificate. Whether your firm operates in one state or uses a network of title examiners across multiple states, with a consistent reporting format there should never be any un-clarity with respect to your client's real estate property taxes.

Municipal Lien & Code Violation Reports - Title and Property Reporting Companies rely on ATPR to report any municipal liens, code violations, open permits, water & sewer liens, or special assessments prior to closing. If unreported, these items can result in substantial penalties. ATPR limits this liability with best in class, nationwide service.

Portfolio Analysis - The SmartTrak system provides an on-demand snapshot of the tax liability on an entire loan pool using the most up-to-date information as provided by each municipality. This knowledge enhances the level of accuracy on your valuation, reduces the potential tax liability, and provides a competitive advantage to the bidding process. A real time tax status evaluation can be essential to identifying opportunities for loss mitigation.

Tax Reporting Solutions - ATPR provides lenders and real estate investors’ leading edge technology to track and report current tax status and amounts due. With investors purchasing properties across the country, ATPR provides the valuable tools to ensure investors have the necessary tools to track, report, and pay the real estate taxes.

Escrow & Non-Escrow Reporting - As you service your loans, SmartTrak provides the tools to update your tax tables after each bill is released. Tax payment status is verified after each installment, which permits your organization to manage the risk associated with any loan having delinquent taxes.

Tax Lien Set-Up - Utilize ATR's efficient SmartTrak system to board the correct tax lien with confidence and ease. We provide all the required tax authority data for each new loan.

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